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​Kwa Nodada Classic Funerals (Pty) Ltd

Services: Funeral services

Location: Matatiele, Mount Fletcher, Mount Frere, Mount Ayliff, Eastern Cape

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Kwa Nodada Classic Funerals is a funeral service provider with services that cover funeral arrangements, policies, repatriation of mortal remains, wreaths and flowers, as well as tombstones to name a few. The company is the brainchild of Bulelani Nodada, a qualified Optometrist, and started operating in 2012 with a branch in Matatiele, Eastern Cape. In the last four years the company has expanded and now has branches is Mount Fletcher, Mount Frere, and Mount Ayliff, with some of its services such as repatriation and tombstones also being used by neighbouring countries, such as Lesotho.

The company experienced rapid growth in its first three years of operation, and as the number of employees began to increase, managing them became difficult due to the lack of necessary human resource management policies and procedures. The quality of service being provided dropped as employees were unhappy and felt unfairly treated. This also resulted in a high staff turnover which destabilised operations and led to a substantial drop in revenue.

The business also had no marketing plan in place and as a result could not define its current marketing position or express its targets or marketing goals. It was in need of professional marketing material to set itself apart from the competitive market within Matatiele, which was saturated with established funeral parlours and an increasing amount of new parlours that targeted the lower-income class. When Bulelani approached Seda an assessment was conducted that revealed that his business was sensitive to sales increases – the business needed to increase its sales and improve its asset efficiency whilst reducing overhead expenses. An intervention to address low staff morale and high staff turnover was proposed, focusing on compiling HR procedures and policies. A marketing plan was developed to guide future marketing efforts and resource allocation. The business was also assisted with professional marketing material to help increase its brand recognition in the market.

Staff morale has improved and high staff turnover was stabilised, resulting in improved performance, better customer service and increased revenue. Kwa Nodada Classic Funerals currently employs 20 people and conducts an average of 30 funerals per month.

The businesses turnover was R500 000 when Seda began its interventions in 2014 and has since increased to R1.432million.​

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