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Bravofive Security​

Services:  Security services 

Location: Motherwell Township, PE, Eastern Cape Province

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start his own security company. When Bazil approached a Seda branch he had not registered the business and was operating on the periphery of the required regulatory framework. Upon assessment Seda decided to put Bazil through its Basic Entrepreneurial Skills Development (BESD) programme in which an Enterprise Development Practitioner took Bazil through basic management and financial management which includes separating personal and business bank accounts as well as tracking income and expenditure.

Bazil eventually formalised his business, registering it as Bravofive Security Services and opened his first business account to set his business towards sustainability and steady growth. This placed the business in a better position for further interventions and to seek funding since Bazil was now able to produce financial statements for the first time following Seda's skills interventions through BESD. The business was also better positioned to register on the private and public sector supplier databases.

Bazil increased his client base and the demand for the company's services. He was assisted with complying with Labour Relations regulations which include registering his seven employees with Unemployment Insurance Fund and drawing proper employment contracts. The company now has a staff complement of 16 and is active in 4 sites around southern Gauteng.​​