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Management Systems / Technology - The SEDA Technology Programme (STP)

On 1 April 2006, the dti created the Seda Technology Programme as a special ring-fenced programme of the dti, housed within the small enterprise development agency at the dti campus in Meintjies Street, Sunnyside. Stp was created as part of government’s national strategy of consolidating and rationalizing small enterprises support interventions across the different government departments and government agencies, within the overall objective of improving the delivery of small business support services to entrepreneurs and small enterprises.
As part of this process, the dti decided to incorporate the activities of GODISA; the three dti incubators; the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC); the Technology Advisory Centre (TAC); the technology transfer activities of the Technology for Woman in Business Programme and the SMME support activities of the South African Quality Institute (SAQI) into a single Programme, called the seda technology programme commonly known as STP.
In response to the dti’s National Industrial Policy Framework and the focus areas of the previous 4 entities, STP will:
  • Increase the accessibility to, and utility of, technologies and management support for small enterprises, through structured platforms such as technology business centers
  • Facilitate the acquisition and transfer of technology to small enterprises, particularly those operating in the second economy
  • Promote the use of quality and standards by small enterprises
  • Improve small enterprise performance and productivity
  • Improve the competitiveness of small enterprises
  • Promote entrepreneurial activity and success of identified target groups, in particular, women and youth
  • And more importantly reduce the failure rates of small enterprises.
These seven areas mentioned are identified as the main reasons why technology-based small enterprises fail during the first three years of their existence. The focus areas mentioned will be addressed by the three main divisions of stp, each of which is uniquely designed and positioned to transfer technologies and provide additional business development and Quality support services to entrepreneurs and small enterprises in specific market sectors.
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