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How Targeted Procurement Works For SMMEs​


This type of procurement has also been called affirmative procurement, preferential procurement and positive procurement. It is a form of procurement which can be used as an instrument of policy and was developed in South Africa by a task team appointed by the Ministries of Finance and Public Works to reform public sector procurement.
In South Africa, it is being used as a means to implement an Affirmative Procurement Policy aimed at eradicating the legacy of apartheid, which left South Africa with an inwardly focused economy, distorted by growth inequities, inefficiencies and under-developed resources and markets. Its secondary use is to address more long term socio-economic issues, viz., increasing the volume of work available to the poor and generating income within the marginalised sectors of society. Selected South African links

 Selected South African links

Small Business Project - SBP
The Small Business Project (SBP) is a South African, independent, private sector, specialist support and research unit engaged in small business development. It is a registered not-for-profit Company. It is funded by donor agencies, such as The Department for International Development (United Kingdom), the Ford Foundation (United States of America), and a growing number of South African corporate partners.
Registration on the South African Reserve Bank's procurement database
The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) intends to establish a database of consultants, contractors and suppliers that will be utilised as the need arises.